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We Help Small Businesses Integrate Artificial Intelligence

AI tools are evolving fast and its hard to keep up. We are a web-development studio that helps small businesses integrate AI into their products and services.

Designing Software with these technologies:

    • Transistor
    • Tuple
    • StaticKit
    • Mirage
    • Laravel
    • Statamic

Leverage Large Language Models

GPT-4 Bots For Your Business

Custom OpenAI & Langchain, chatbots specific to your companys data.

Query Your Data
produce custom tailored chatbots for your business by loading documents into your GPT-4 bot (PDFs, websites, text files)
Prompt + Response Database
Accumulate a database of your prompts and responses to train your model on, and learn how users interact with your bot.
Data Privacy and Security
Store your private data on your own servers and we will load them remotely into your GPT-4 bot. Secure and private.
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Client Examples

Recent Bots built on the Starmorph platform.

Senior Developer AI Coding Assistant

Senior Developer AI Coding Assistant

Public Clean Tech Disclosure Accounting AI

Public Clean Tech Disclosure Accounting AI

Software Legal AI Philosopher

Software Legal AI Philosopher

GPT-4 bot for people new to AI chatbots

GPT-4 bot for people new to AI chatbots

GPT-4 Chatbot UI

GPT-4 Chatbot UI

Text to Image AI Art Creator

Text to Image AI Art Creator


Our Features

Get a Powerful GPT-4 Chatbot Tailored for Your Business Needs

  • 2023 Knowledge

    More up to date code and information than ChatGPT

  • Query Your Business Data

    We can load PDF, CSV, JSON, Markdown, and text files into your bot via langchain document loaders, indexers, and ada-002 openai embeddings. We then store the embeddings in vector storage.

  • Built on GPT-4

    Easily switch between GPT-3.5, and GPT-4.0. We are exploring altenative models like alpaca, koala, cohere, and huggingface models.

  • Monitor + Save The Responses

    Build Valuable Knowledge Bases for your business by saving your GPT-4 output to a database automatically. Monitor incoming questions in realtime.

  • Structured Output

    We can output structured data like JSON and Markdown. In Progress. We can save structured data to a database.

  • Safety And Accuracy

    We have hallucination prevention on 3 fronts: 1. built in OpenAI safety features 2. using embeddings on your specific documents can help prevent hallucinations and unrelated responses. 3. We have system instruction safeguards to keep your chatbot on task.

  • Data Security and Privacy

    Coming soon: Customer data is sensitive, and you cant share it. We are working on remotely loading in data from AWS, Google Drive. We are also working on using local models like alpaca to keep your data private.

  • Innovative UI/UX

    We are innovating chatbot UX helping users new to large language models engage with our bots via shortcuts, and other features. We use websocket streams to update the UI in realtime.

Loved by Small Businesses worldwide.

We love empowering creators and business leaders.

    • Working with Dylan has been an absolute joy. He has provided me with a fantastic plan to move forward. I look forward to working with him again in the future as we grow!

      Michelle Thier
      Marketing at Power & Systems
    • Thank you so much for your help. you are amazing and I couldn’t do it without you

      Leo Wolf
      Fitness Teacher
    • Starmorph are experts in cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology and helped us design a beautiful brand identity

      Aaron Zheng
      Boston Homes Global

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