Starmorph Membership


Pro Members Pro Membership unlocks up to 1000 questions per month across Starmorph Bots. Soon Pro Members will get access to extra tools and resources.

Business Gold and Hosting Catalyze your AI projects with our services from UI/UX Design, deploying your own AI webapp, custom MVP development, and ongoing software engineering. Get your LLM Web-Application designed, coded, and/or hosted by Starmorph. Book an introductory call today to bring your vision to life.

Pro Member

$29.99 month

Ask 1000 Questions Per Month

On Starmorph Chatbots

Butler Chatbot Access

GPT-4 Chatbot Access

Front-end Developer AI

Early Access

to new tools coming soon.


$400.00 month

Server Hosting, Maintenance

Hosting of Your Starmorph Chatbot.

2,000 Questions to Your Bot

More available on request

2,000,000 Tokens Embeddings

Your Personal Vector Knowledgebase

GPT-4, Memory, Vector DB, UI

Starmorph Custom AI Stack in your Bot

Business Gold


Create Your Own Starmorph Bot

Custom Knowledge, GPT-4 Chatbot

Custom Development

Starmorph Priority Service

Custom Vector Knowledgebase,

500MB, 3000 Pages, 10,000 queries

SAAS Incubation Services

UI Design, Hosting, Auth, Licensing Potential